• Esp of Tampa 2583 16x9 1600 x 560
  • Esp of Tampa 2557 16x9 1600 x 560
  • Esp of Tampa 2525 16x9 1600 x 560
  • Esp of Tampa 2651 16x9 1600 x 560
  • Esp of Tampa 2612 16x9 1600 x 560

IFP Pickleball Rating System

New and have only minimal knowledge of the game and the rules.
Limited to some rallies.
 Learning how to serve.
 Developing a forehand.
 Fails to return easy balls frequently and occasionally misses the ball entirely.
 Played a few games and is learning the court lines, scoring, and some basic rules of the game.
Sustains a short rally with players of equal ability.
 Demonstrating the basic shot strokes - forehand, backhand, volley, overhead and the serve, but has obvious weaknesses in most strokes.
 Familiar with court positioning in doubles play.
Makes longer lasting slow-paced rallies.
Makes most easy volleys and uses some backhands, but needs more work on developing shot strokes.
 Beginning to approach the non-volley zone to hit volleys.
 Aware of the "soft game."
 Knowledge of the rules has improved.
 Court coverage is weak but improving.
More consistent on the serve and service return and when returning medium-paced balls.
  • Demonstrates improved skills with all the basic shot strokes and shot placement but lacks control when trying for direction, depth, or power on their shots.
  • Beginning to attempt lobs and dinks with little success and doesn't fully understand when and why they should be used.