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Tennis Tips

How To Prevent Common Tennis Injuries

It seems to me that no matter what physical activity you enjoy participating in, the word injuries always creeps up. It doesn't really matter what age you are, how long you have played that certain sport, or any other kind of demographic you would like to use. I think understanding what those injuries are and specifically how to prevent them helps can go a long way into how long you can continue to play that sport.

When it comes to tennis, some of the specific injuries that can happen when you play our sport is tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, and muscle strains. I think we should begin by looking at these individually at what those injuries are and then how to prevent them.

Tennis Elbow: is the inflammation of the tendons of the elbow generally caused by overuse. When you play, this is actually the area that is used the most. This is probably the most common injury amongst tennis players. If a player pays attention to the size of their grip as well as learning the proper technique this will vastly aide in the prevention of tennis elbow. Along side of this, we all know about warming up our muscles properly, but getting a normal warm up routine as well as strengthening the muscles around it is always a good idea.

Shoulder Injuries: Another common type of injury amongst tennis players is in the shoulders, or also known as a rotator cuff injury. The job of the rotator cuff is to help position the shoulder in the socket. This injury occurs when the muscle is fatigued and there is a lot more movement of the shoulder in the socket. This can tend to cause a "friction" which can definitely prohibit suck strokes as the serve and the overhead. By flexing and extending your wrist against some light resistance with an exercise band a couple time a week can help prevent this injury.

Muscle Strains: In one form or fashion we may all have experienced a muscle strain in some part of our bodies. Very simply, this comes from a quick, sudden move. We may have felt these anywhere in our bodies. Although there may not be a way to completely rid yourself of the aggravating muscle strain, there are certain ways to definitely be able to diminish them. If you have a good warm up as jogging and the right stretching, it will go a long way to minimize this injury. Make sure to keep your stretches slow and intentional and hold for about 30 seconds. See if you can keep your overall warmup to around 5 minutes and see what a difference that can make.

It is probably inevitable at some point or another we are going to have some kind of injury, but we only get one body and it behooves us to take good care of it. Knowing how to prevent an injury will go a long way in continuing to play tennis- a sport of a lifetime.


Use Of The Non Racquet Hand Keeps The Racquet Head Up

Players of all levels can have the tendency to drop the racquet head between shots. Even if you have your opposite hand on the racquet, down near the racquet hand as seen in the first photo, the racquet isn't in a balanced position. Using your opposite hand at the throat of the racquet will help balance the weight and keep the racquet head up in between shots as seen in the second photo.
Sept.-1jpg Sept-2